Simple Carpet Cleaning With
Crystal Dry Technology

  • Extended carpet life by 35%
  • Walkable results within minutes
  • NO water means less mold potential
  • Superior carpet fiber protection for long-term beauty
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Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Clearwater

Top Care Cleaning ® in Tarpon Springs, FL offers quality, detailed carpet cleaning services with Green technology to the Tampa Bay, FL area. All cleaning is done through highly experienced and trained employees, as well as innovative carpet cleaning technology that renews and protects your carpeted surfaces. We service both residential and commercial carpet cleaning customers. The exceptional Crystal Dry® carpet cleaning system makes your carpets look their best and provides long-lasting beauty. The cleaning process enhances carpets through the following process:

  • Combines crystalized polymer material with detergent to form a superior product that lifts stains and encapsulates them for vacuuming.
  • Preserves fiber color and eliminates chemical reactions through the encapsulation process and its neutral pH/Non-VOC chemical structure.
  • Encapsulates permanently attached foreign soils in a clear polymer that is invisible to the naked eye

Crystal Dry® Cleaning System vs Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Walkable Within

The Crystal Dry® Cleaning System allows floors to be walkable within no time, since the detergent used is fast-drying and it cleans without penetrating deep under the surface. This allows us to clean your carpet on your schedule

Cleaner & Thorough
Carpet Extraction

The dry cleaning process helps prevent the smearing of dirt and oils around in the fibers, unlike carpet steam cleaning. With the dry encapsulation system, it crystalizes those dirt particles and oils to detach them from the fibers and allow the vacuum to pick

Grooms and Softens
Your Carpets

The machine scrubs and cleans the carpets, it grooms them to lift the fibers and make them soft again, unlike carpet steam cleaning machines that soak the fibers and harden them upon drying. Also the 3 brushes pull all the stains

I’ve been steam cleaning my carpets my whole life. After having
Top Care Cleaning clean our carpets with the Crystal Dry system,
I will never go back. It was much faster and I didn’t have to deal
with wet carpets all day long.

Marry Platzki - Clearwater, FL

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