Top Care Cleaning Services in Tarpon Springs, FL provides results you can count on through years of experience and innovative technology designed to offer the best cleaning possible. We serve the entire Tampa Bay area using innovative green cleaning that is safe and natural in conjunction with a well-trained staff to provide superior cleaning and great looking floors. Every staff member is trained on cross contamination and thorough/effective cleaning. You get competitive pricing based on quality and our schedule is flexible so we can help you when you need it.

Our Green Cleaning Concept

Using natural, green-certified cleaning agents, chemicals, and supplies delivers a safer environment, both during the cleaning process and after we’re gone. We strive to provide great service while upholding a safer environment, both with nature and with you. All selected cleaning products deliver exceptional results so going green does not mean less quality results.

The Top Care® Cleaning Process


Using hospital-grade disinfectants

Green cleaning products

Proven to kill germs


Cross-contamination proof

Color-coded buckets

Color-coded microfiber’s


Crystallization carpet cleaning

Flat-mop floor cleaning

HEPA vacuuming

Ready for a cleaner facility?