Top Care Process

The Top Care® Cleaning Process

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Top Care Cleaning developed a cleaning process designed to cover three main categories to ensure that the job is not only done right, but done exceptionally well. Get thorough results from three key points.


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  • Utilizing hospital-grade disinfectants for the most effective cleaning and sanitization
  • Green cleaning products to keep your facility as healthy as possible
  • EPA certified cleaning solutions with OSHA packaging and labeling guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our cleaning agents.


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  • Using color-coded buckets to eliminate cross contamination between different parts of your facility.
  • Using color-coded microfibers to capture as micro dust and debris to ensure 99% coverage of your facility
  • Color-coded flat mop sleeves to make sure there is no cross-contamination between sanitary and high-volume traffic in your facility


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  • No-Dip flat mop system with sprayer to eliminate any spread of dirty cleaning agent and water over the floor.
  • Crystallization carpet, tile and laminate floor cleaning. Newest carpet cleaning technology.
  • HEPA vacuuming to capture the most particles and improve indoor air quality.
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Keep your Tampa Bay home, office or commercial building healthier through effective cross-contamination prevention that works. Get every section looking its best and enjoy not worrying about hazardous chemicals or having to wait until they dry. Top Care Cleaning ensures satisfaction on every job that we do. Get the consistency you need and the customer service you want.Since all employees undergo extensive training and completely follow the Top Care® cleaning process too, you’ll be sure to have a clean home, office, or building down to every gap and crack in a safe and efficient manner. If you have more than one building or office, our system will deliver uniform cleaning to top standards.

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The Top Care® cleaning process was designed to ensure reliable, consistent results for every visit. Let’s get your office REALLY cleaned

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