Laminate Floor Cleaning

Cleaning Your Laminate Floors
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  • Most Efficient Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Cleaning Process
  • Using only ECO-friendly products
  • 2 in 1 Cleaning And Floor Polishing


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Welcome to Top Care window cleaners. We are your local window cleaning company servicing the Tampa Bay Area. We take pride in our work and do everything possible to get your windows clean and satisfy other needs. No job is too big or too small for us and we intend to prove it to you.

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You Might Be Wondering How To Clean Laminate Floors?


Here is our laminate floor cleaning process:

Step 1:

Laminate is vacuumed with a soft brush attachment to capture all the debris.

Step 2:

Clean the floor applying a product that contains alcohol, which disinfects and kills the oder of the floor. These products also dry quickly and don’t soak through the cracks. This keeps the integrity of the laminate flooring and the underlining.

Step 3:

Apply a floor finish to give the laminate a shiny new look.

Step 4:

(Optional) Apply a second coat for a more durable finish.

Cleaning Laminate In your Home

There are many different floors, laminate being one of the more popular alternatives to hardwood floors that are typically 30% more expensive.

Cleaning laminate flooring requires a different approach that will make the floors not only clean but also shiny without the greasy look.

We guarantee our work and will do everything to achieve the goal of clean and shiny laminate floors in your home.

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Commercial Laminate Floor Cleaning

Giving your customers a great first impression with polished and clean laminate floors is important. We can help maintain your buildings floors all year long.

Our customizable cleaning programs will be tailored to meet your needs, schedule, and budget. We’ll make your laminate floors shine and look as good as new.

We also clean carpet, tile and ground. Our reliable team is licensed and insured, making your decision to choose Top Care an easy one.

With this process, your laminate floor will look as good as new and stay shiny and clean.

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